Monthly Archives: December 2010

Where can I grow from here

In daily conversations with friends, family and colleagues, many people are feeling bombarded by depressing and negative comments.  What are some simple steps a person can take to help tune out this negative and create a life of thriving? An inner life needs cultivating, and the little things we nurture help contribute to and develop […]


Find the middle ground

Speak Your Mind…tell us what you’re thinking and hey dont worry if its tasteless. Impulsive remarks can create havoc with your psyche;.. You find yourself replaying the comments over and over again in your mind. Well, people are always going to have opinions. And I don’t think it is possible to completely stop caring about […]


What do we do about bullying

In a simple, perfect world, most of us would be pacifists, pure and simple. If we are supposed to work with our shared values of love, learning and action, most of us are not going to be comfortable with the ‘so-called bullies’ that rage in the name of whatever cause or game they believe in. […]