Monthly Archives: February 2012

Put yourself first, be your own valentine

Everybody I know is in such transit right now. Many of us are either between relationships, or if we’re blessed to be in a solid relationship are feeling divided in our energies. One way or the other we’re all feeling cut up by the economic pressures and hardships of the past several years. If we […]


Whitney Houston, soaring free

  Here is this great talent, this mega talent that has been so abused. Such were my first thoughts when I heard news of the sudden death of Whitney Houston, here on the eve of what many hoped would be her triumphant comeback at this year’s Grammy Awards. I was in awe of Whitney Houston’s […]


Pippa Middleton is trying hard not to become the next fergie

  “News thrives on drama, and the essence of drama is conflict. This is why we see so many stories about Pippa that strain to portray tension between her and the royals,” Galland continued. “A natural line of attack is to suggest she’s a money-grubbing vulgarian and opportunist in the tradition of Sarah Ferguson. Can […]