Monthly Archives: April 2013

Our southern girl Reese Witherspoon caught acting out

A Louisiana-born beauty with blond locks and a heart-shaped face, Reese Witherspoon, 37, has been considered an all-American sweetheart for years, winning over audiences with her performances in movies from “The Man in the Moon” to “Legally Blonde” to “Walk the Line.” But given her arrest for disorderly conduct on Friday — and how she […]


A cry from Bostons Patriots

It’s one O‘clock in Los Angeles and I’m on the phone with a client and a banging on my door startles me. I sensed an urgency and finished my call to respond to the frantic pounding. I run to open the door and in rushes my neighbor and very close friend Christel Whittier. She is […]


Farrah Abraham’s porn video

Life and career strategist Suzannah Galland says Abraham’s stunt says a lot about our culture. “Hollywood’s impact has misguided youth yet again. This is a new low of lows where the latest self-creative hype is shaped around being crude and in your face,” she said. “It’s very clear that being an exhibitionist is in demand, […]