Monthly Archives: April 2016

Forgive Yourself

The truth is there is no way forward but through forgiveness––we must forgive ourselves. Finding a love mate can involve rigorous work in regards to our own individual development. Whatever your system of belief, or non-belief, we all still struggle with the same existential questions. “Why am I here? What is my purpose?” And whatever […]


Internal GPS

What is listening to my gut really about? Why can’t I feel it? How many times have we said to ourselves; I knew I was right? If only I had just listened to myself. We are more than our names and the roles we play in our jobs. We are intuitive, sensual beings. If you […]


Real Love

If you find yourself procrastinating about what you are feeling with every guy you date, ask yourself, “Do I want to fall in love or do I want an authentic relationship?” Falling in love or being loved by someone is different than having a loving, consistent, and healthy commitment. Take a moment for yourself and […]