Monthly Archives: September 2016

THE HUFFINGTON POST: The Emotional Turmoil Of Learning Your Spouse Is Transgender

There is perhaps nothing more painful than mourning the loss of a loved one who is still living. A loved one who is no longer recognizable. No longer the man you married. Literally. We can never gauge the time it takes to recover from the damage of watching the man you love transition himself into […]


THE HUFFINGTON POST: Taking One Minute May Save Your Career

How different would your whole life be if only you had taken just one more minute at some point earlier on? How much more fruitful would your career be had you only listened to that nagging whisper, that one unexpected word, when a crisis was unfolding? If you find yourself dealing with a particularly toxic […]


Speaking Out: Shame and Sexual Assault

The phrase ‘sexual violence’ has high currency now and, tragically, it’s use appears to be on the increase. It is a situation that achieves one distinct objective, to intentionally injure and sexually assault a person, without his or her consent. There is not enough compassion, respect, and equal treatment in most of our dealings towards […]