In defense of children

One tragic statistic amid the recent havoc of tornadoes in the American Midwest was the number of children who had gone missing. In many of these cases, their bodies have yet to be found, which leads one to worry that they could still be alive, wandering lost, prey to every hazard we dread could ever befall a child.

I have been keeping these children in my prayers, but there is something more active and concrete that one can do. In recent years I’ve become a passionate supporter of the philanthropic organization called CDF – the Children’s Defense Fund. This is a charity that lobbies congress for better legislation to protect our youngest and most vulnerable, whether the bill protects Medicaid from being abolished or promotes better funding for education. What could be more valuable or necessary? I support many charities, but this one has become especially dear to my heart. I hope it might become so for you as well. We can all become surrogate guardians, and donate to help those young in need, all over the world.

Let us never lose sight of the children around us, or lose heart when it comes to their safety, or their natural entitlement to someday join our world as adults, our future peers and friends.

Here are the links to donate to help children in need: