Jen Aniston’s top 5 secrets revealed – by the people keeping the secrets!

From Fox Entertainment News:

“I have a very powerful, even laser-sharp intuition. I’ve had it all my life,” Galland explained. “I can sit with a person and, almost as if I’m taking their temperature, give an accurate reading as to what most concerns them, and the likely outcomes. I help my clients make plans, or see what the people they’re involved with are planning for them. I help a person clear a path in their life.”

It’s no surprise Galland is on the speed-dial of a slew of Hollywood power players, because even when one appears to be living the high life in the reel world, a fluff-free professional grounding them in the real world works wonders.

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Jen Aniston’s Top 5 Sexy Secrets Revealed – By the People Keeping the Secrets!
By Hollie McKay, Pop Tarts


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