Suzannah in the Press

Her extraordinary insight and accuracy, along with her unmistakable approach, has afforded her the respect and support of celebrities, politicians and corporate leaders worldwide. She has been featured in Forbes, New York Magazine, Goop, Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Harper’s Bazaar, W Magazine and The Telegraph amongst others. Browse her press coverage here, or click on the “Features” drop-down menu for her featured writing in publications.


“’The bedroom is a mirror of your state of mind,’ says noted relationship expert Suzannah Galland. What story does yours tell? Is it open, with plenty of room for a partner? Are the sheets worn out and tired?” – House Beautiful Magazine

“Suzannah encourages her clients to improve their relationships with themselves. Once people trust themselves, they can begin to listen to their intuition to make better decisions.” –

“Galland says, “Holidays are not about pleasing everyone, they’re about our intentions. And with patience, compassion, and sensitivity, we can make our loved ones feel cherished throughout the holidays.”” – Glam

“Is Galland’s recommendation something with no scientific proof such as putting a stone up your vagina to improve your skin? Not exactly. Science has shown that participating in rituals or ceremonies can have significant positive psychological and healing benefits.” – Forbes


Suzannah Galland, a ‘life advisor and relationship expert,’ says you should burn your bras, not as a feminist gesture, but because the ghosts of your old lovers are hanging out in there.” – New York Magazine

Suzannah Galland talks about how oftentimes, we’ll buy a little special something in the early stages of the relationship — but, as soon as it fizzles out, we end up with underwear too fancy to wear everyday, but too expensive to simply cast off… The lingerie becomes engulfed in meaning, emotion, and even pain — and there’s no room for that in your life, Galland says.” – Refinery29

“The latest article to ~raise eyebrows~ is a guest post by ‘life advisor’ and relationship expert Suzannah Galland who suggests setting on fire any lingerie you wore with an ex.” – Cosmopolitan


“Relationship expert Suzannah Galland… claims that ‘our underwear chronicles our lives’, and when a partnership ends, the best thing to do is dispose of the ‘lacy leftovers’. ” – Daily Mail


“Life and relationship expert Suzannah Galland, who is featured in this week’s installment, says that lingerie can carry the ‘negative energy and memories of past flames’.” – The Telegraph

“Goop has officially out-Gooped itself. A recent article by life advisor Suzannah Galland advises women to burn their expensive lingerie in a ritualistic fire to forget about terrible exes.” – The Observer

“Ahead of Valentine’s Day, Goop is suggesting a ‘fire ritual’ to help you let go of your old lovers and help you move on! Sounds a bit much, don’t you think?? But as Goop writer and relationship expert Suzannah Galland explains, there’s no more perfect time than now.” – Perez Hilton

“Typically, after seeing one too many #ISaidYES captions, we tend to make our own emotional sundae… We spoke to Gwyneth Paltrow and Miranda Kerr’s trusted life advisor, Suzannah Galland, on why you’re feeling this way and how to deal.” – Harper’s Bazaar

“Jennifer Aniston’s top five secrets to success revealed…The fifth secret is consulting with Life Strategist Suzannah Galland.”

‘What celebrity clients are looking for is someone to trust. Because they’re on top, everybody around them is agreeing with them. They’ve forgotten how to access their own instincts. Plus their problems are very different from what most people face. Their fears of failure are more intense than most—having attained such heights, they have further to fall.

I strive at all times to be truthful; to be the voice that gives strength…good judgment already there inside them, but which has been buried by the fog of being famous.’ ” – Asia News International

“…Call her what you will, but Galland is this year’s must-have, the woman on Hollywood’s speed dial…. And Washington’s…And New York’s…” – Harper’s Bazaar

“The Best of LA: Suzannah Galland. Academy award winners and top agents are among those who know this firsthand.” – Los Angeles Magazine

“Suzannah Galland moved to LA to work as a producer, but became a life coach to the stars.” – Marie Claire UK

“Suzannah Galland, an ex-television producer from West London, and niece of late comedy actor Marty Feldman, is well known in Hollywood…to Gwyneth Paltrow and Demi Moore. ‘Often I help people with their insecurities,’ she says. ‘Wanting to be liked and fear of not being liked are huge issues.’ Unsurprising when you consider the fortunes that are made or lost on a star’s popularity.” – Glamour Magazine UK


“It’s an indication of how seriously Galland is taken in LA that she shares an office with psychiatric doctors and therapists. ‘Most of my clients are women, and they want to know what their man feels about them. They want to know something because they’re insecure. Movie stars show a front, but they’re just as vulnerable as everybody else.'” – Cosmopolitan