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If you’re looking for guidance on falling in love, navigating a career, the world of dating, or just wondering why you haven’t had sex in a year, I can help propel you in the right direction. With my intuitive profiling method, I will help you assess your own blind spots when it comes to love, career, and all the major players in your life.

Unlike a traditional, generic “life coach” that requires a long-term booking commitment, I can be your go-to person for all of your life’s issues – or for a much-needed session of profiling lovers and bosses. Whether you’re looking for a one-on-one strategy session or you’d like me to profile guests at your event, workshop, or evening soirée, connect with me.

Meetings available via Skype, FaceTime or over the phone.
Call now at (646) 883-9396, email, or click on the link below to book online.

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In your first meeting, I will align with you to map out exactly the issue you’re facing. Then, I’ll deliver personalized insights with an actionable plan to help manifest the future you desire. My intuitive hits will not only improve your relationship with yourself but will spill over into all areas of your life, including:

• Profiling partners, friends, and potential lovers
• Achieving personal goals
• Connecting authentically with the one you love
• Getting the upper hand in online dating
• Addressing vital career moves
• Communicating more effectively with colleagues, lovers, and family
• Knowing if your partner is right for you


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Meetings also available via Skype, FaceTime or over the phone

Call now at (646) 883-9396, email, or click on the link below to book online.