My mission: to love.

I am here to support your personal adventure to love every facet of your being. To give love and to receive love, to love who you are, to love the journey of your life, to manifest what you want, and to hone your intuition to make the best possible choices.

I will hold the light and I will give you the tools to lead the way. Connect with me!

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“…Call her what you will, but Galland is this year’s must-have, the woman on Hollywood’s speed dial…. And Washington’s…And New York’s…”

Harper’s Bazaar

“This London ex-pat’s clientele includes many agents and some very high-profile people, Oscar-winning actors, but she’s just as good with non-Hollywood types.”

W Magazine

“I would highly recommend Suzannah Galland to anyone who would like to
become more focused, use their time more efficiently and see their visions come to pass.”

Anastasia Soare, Anastasia Beverly Hills

“Suzannah Galland is an enormous asset to anyone looking for intuitive insight and strategic guidance, both personal and professional. I cannot recommend her more highly.”

Kelly Rutherford, Actress

“Suzannah has been an invaluable tool in taking me to the next level. Through helping me prioritize items and see a more efficient way of getting things done, I have been able to see my career flourish in ways that I would not have been able to achieve without her input.”

Susan M. Crank, TV & Film Producer

“Suzannah Galland has a gut check for every qualm in the dating department.”