The soul's quest


Discovering the soul's quest will open your eyes, your heart and mind to the beauty of you.

Purposeful enlightenment through intuitive discovery brings true clarity to your reason for being and

an unwavering sense of self to your future.

What to Expect

In every aspect of life your happiness and harmony lie in finding your authentic, genuine self and purpose.

In times of chaos there is an even stronger pull to discovering your true reason for being. Unlike a traditional  "life coach" my intuitive hits, personal insights and soul discoveries spill over into all areas of your life and energize you with a vision for your future.

There are answers to life’s biggest questions, it just takes a deeper understanding of your soul’s quest.  I work with you and dig deep to magnify the nuggets of your truth so you can own and be the architect of your story. 

Learn your story and where you're going

In today’s environment where uncertainties are the only constant, we’re desperately trying to stay connected. We are not tethered to the circumstances. Negativity, fear and shame may be part of the chapter of your life, but it is not your story. As unfair as it is, chaos is part of life, but it doesn’t have to be the narrative of your existence.

We are all seekers, continuously on life's quest for that special person, the perfect job and an enriching, rewarding existence. But if we continue to search outside of ourselves without any real knowledge of purpose, can we ever truly find happiness? Seeking within for true purpose and digging deep to uncover, embrace and channel our own unique "why" sets us all on a path of enduring appreciation of who we are and why we're here, changing for the better the way we approach life, love and the pursuit of happiness. 

Meetings are available via Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, WhatsApp or over the phone.

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