Monthly Archives: October 2011

Marty Feldman, The Biography By Robert Ross

My uncle was Marty Feldman, the great comedian. Most people remember him for his hilarious performance as “Igor” in Young Frankenstein. I remember him as a wise and tender man – very intelligent, very deep, and especially loving toward his wife, my Aunt Lauretta, who until her death last year was also one of the […]


Getting your world together

I’ve just completed a move; my second in as many weeks and the combination of deep stress and unexpected moments of affirmation have taught me a lot. Not just about myself, but the world. For example, it’s amazing and ironic how much sitting still is involved in a great move. You’re waiting for this or […]


Demi And Ashton divorce wrangle

The headlines are full of talk about a pending divorce between Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher. A lot of this talk is reckless. Was she too old for him? Was he too young for her? Is somebody to blame? It’s a bit crazy for us to be so invested with this Hollywood couple, but what […]