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Paul McCartney: Yoko Ono didn’t break up the Beatles

Fox Entertainment News: “John was just tired of the band’s unhealthy rivalry and wanted to go his own way. Yoko’s source of inspiration gave him the courage to face change,” Suzannah Galland, whose family had strong ties to Lennon and Ono via her Uncle, the late comedian Marty Feldman, concurred. “This is how we cherish […]


In loving memory of Stuart Wilde

During the late 80’s, I studied the Tao at the “Warrior Wisdom Workshops” with Stuart Wilde. Stuart’s “Warrior Wisdom” courses were particularly dramatic, aimed at embracing fears and dispelling illusions. I found myself in New Mexico jumping from 75 foot poles and sitting blind fold in a snake pit. I learnt the ‘Wilde’ way to […]