Monthly Archives: December 2013

A simple way to feel special for 2014

If you find yourself buried under a pile of bills and you’re riddled with anxiety or worry. It’s time to get rid of those bad habits. Open you’re mind on a grand scale and think about what 2014 can mean for you. Make the things you hope for bigger than your fears. Do you have […]


How to enjoy being alone and smile

We make moment-by-moment decisions what kind of a person to be – whether to be someone who cares, who blames, who manipulates or obsesses.  It’s always our choice what ground to stand on: whether to be negative in our decisions or positive in our approaches.  Such choices are made in our every thought, consciously or […]


Post menopausal women are the true queens among us

Our present society’s obsession with youth has hypnotized countless menopausal women into believing that they are entering a stage of life in which they must leave their power, usefulness, and desirability behind. Nothing could be further from the truth. In actuality, when you pass beyond menopause, you have the opportunity for a magnificent and deeply […]