Monthly Archives: August 2016

Is Your Partner Selfish in the Game of Love?

You might as well face it, you’re addicted to love. Or sex. Or it could happen. We fall into these bad habits because our search for a mate grows so complicated that we will do almost anything to make it easier. Moreover, our deepest sexual fantasies can interfere in our hunt for that ideal partner. […]


The Power of Projecting Loving Thoughts

Ever take a moment to listen to the opinions, judgments, and wisecracks silently swirling around in your mind when you meet or see someone? No one can hear these thoughts, so we feel free to think whatever we want, regardless how harsh or lustful. But beware. Lack of sound doesn’t prevent our silent communication from […]


Love Yourself Naked – Without a Diet

Think of everything you’ve already been through in this life. The ups and downs. The movement and the stillness. Injury and recovery. The places you’ve been and seen. Your body has held you through it all to this point. Be soft with her. She deserves your care. And right now, she deserves nothing but your […]