Monthly Archives: January 2017

THE HUFFINGTON POST: Anger is a Lonely Place

What you’re not supposed to say when you’re angry is “F*ck You!” But we all say it anyway. Think about it: If you find yourself locked into a confrontation without an exit, how long does it take until you find yourself yelling “F*ck You!”? We’ve all done it, or at least thought it. I meditate, […]


THE HUFFINGTON POST: Flirt With Your Inner Genius

It’s your time You got the horn so why don’t you blow it You are fine – Cream by Prince We always think there’ll never be another Bowie, Prince, Cohen, Fisher or Michael. We easily feel abandoned as our favorite icons prove to be mortal. We console ourselves with their music, and with Carrie Fisher, […]


THE HUFFINGTON POST: Don’t Let Trump Say “You’re Fired” – Say “I Quit!”

Donald Trump is playing a game by spreading fake stories. And you are letting him win by playing into what you already believe or what you want to hear. People are in a lot of pain right now: Either fearing for their futures, or facing serious physical or verbal threats. Our political talking heads are […]