Being and belonging

For a person with high self-esteem BEING is more important than BELONGING.


Experiencing the way you perceive your life and by understanding what’s true to you will be the one thing that will determine how successful you are in love and work.

Being allows you to feel included and accepted. It resonates the most important parts of you. Your mind and your body become aligned. You project the best parts of your self.

Belonging entices you to feel included and accepted. Being required to perform tasks or over compensate to meet other people’s needs. This will most certainly throw you out of alignment.

You may find yourself fraught with resentment and blame, consumed by what other people think.

If you are criticized or someone else says something negative to you, don’t take it as an attack on your self worth. By focusing on being you transform the way you perceive your life.

It’s best to remember that other people see you through a shroud of old programming and you see them the same way. In that case, nobody can be truly objective and accurately observe things way things are.

Adding the value of being may encourage you to take healthier risks and speak more of your truth.

Shifting your focus from belonging to being allows you to: ask for what you want, build your self-esteem and be loved for your authentic self.




  • pamela franklin says:

    I certainly recognize that I may be in the “belonging” set as I see a lot of traits that apply to me in this particular paragraph.
    I would like to think I could be in the middle, that would be more acceptable to me.
    Well written and makes a thought process in an otherwise unknown feeling.

  • Phyllis Cohen says:

    This so true and very insightful. Although it can be satisfying and enjoyable to “belong” and get a feeling of acceptance from doing that, if one’s sense of worth is based on the approval of others, it can also be disappointing and have negative consequences. It seems like building a good sense of “being” and self-worth should be one’s main goal. Thank you for the perceptive post.

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