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Becoming Irresistible Starts With A Smile

  Read more of my blog with Miranda Kerr’s, Spread The light! Recent studies suggest that the secret to becoming irresistible starts with a smile. And, like most of us, if you find yourself in a humourless place, and maybe feeling alone, the last thing you’ll feel like doing some days is smiling. You may […]


Mates For The Soul

Miranda Kerr has a fantastic blog Spread The Light that I have been invited to be a monthly blogger for. Mates For The Soul is a fun way to let everyone you love know how special they are. We’ve all heard about soul mates—the ultimate, mind-blowing, undeniably meant-to-be relationship, the one and only partnership we […]


Body Instincts You Shouldn’t Ignore

Why is my body screaming out there is something wrong? We’ve all heard the expression, “I had a gut feeling.” And it feels like it’s coming from your whole body…Well, it is. Did you know your skin is a great receptor. It can give you a tremendous amount of information. There’s a reason the hair […]