Celebrate Your Beauty For Valentine’s Day

If you should find yourself without a date on Valentine’s Day, don’t panic. You are far from being alone. Why not find a sacred minute for yourself and project love back into your heart.

Our hearts let us know how we feel about what words we hear and the feelings and emotions behind the words. When we listen with our heart, we know what’s truth or bull. It’s time to honor our hearts and invite love into our lives.

Here are a few tips you can do to nurture your heart back to wellness. You may want to:

Create a space for yourself at home with flowers, pictures, candles, and any objects that have sacred significance to you.

Close the door, mute the phone, take a few deep breaths, and turn your attention inward. Make sure you’re relaxed and feeling at ease with a sense of calm.

You are now ready to do some Mirror work. Mirror work can seem scary at first, and all our feelings of dislike can resurface. Take a baby step here and trust yourself.

You may not realize that how you see yourself is projected to others. Why not project a more magnificent you? Try gazing deeply into your own eyes, and with a few gentle prompts say to yourself out loud or silently:

I am beautiful * I am radiant *

And another prompt:

I am ready to attract my perfect lover and open to receiving this perfect love.

Attuning to the pulse of your own body, mind, emotions and spirit can
deepen your relationships, and fill you with a luxurious sense of well-being.

Happy Valentine’s to all of you!

Share the love,  Suzannah


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