Finding Love: The Power of A New Story

My New Year’s feature for Goop  – Finding Love: The Power of A New Story invites all you love seekers to fall in love, change your career and follow your passion.

Have fun reading an excerpt below:

The Meter
Women have what I like to call creep meters. When a man enters a room or talks to us, we immediately get a sense of whether he’s got good mojo or is stalker looking for prey. We may not always trust or allow ourselves to tune into the reading, but we have it. We’re able to sense, or read, the energy vibration of another.

In truth, everyone has a meter, and we’re capable of reading more than just creeps. We sense when someone’s vibration is strong and in tune with the universe, and these are the people we want to be around. We’re drawn to them. They feel charismatic. We want to be near them….Read more:

Finding Love: The Power of A New Story

Let us make 2016 an irresistible year.

Happy New Year!

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