Getting Smart About Love

Suzannah Galland calls herself a life strategist, which she likens to the art of Aikido: “I bring people back to the heart,” she explains. In short, she offers a triple punch of sensible advice (“you can often tell what the heart wants by watching cues, expression, and breathing”), intention profiling (“both those of the subject, and the intentions of people in their lives”), and a more enigmatic and masterful power, which she refers to as both perception and intuition (click here for more on Trusting the Gut). “I believe that our unconscious and subconscious minds are like these great, deep pools of untapped information that we can learn to access,” she explains. “My job is to retrieve crucial information from the pool, and then use the information to illuminate unconscious blocks, clear up blind spots, remove fears, and create amazing clarity.”

A session with Suzannah is exactly that: She engages you in conversation and studies the way you react to fairly straightforward questions, and does some back-of-the-envelope note-taking against your name and birthdate. And then she reveals the way you navigate the world—whether you’re aware of your patterns and sensitivities, or not—in a way that will probably drop your jaw. She calls it perceptive processing, and below, she explains how it works (and how you can begin to practice it yourself when it comes to love). “Being a clear filter will give you the opportunity to download the reality of a situation, rather than how you might be reacting to it,” she adds. “We are often triggered by past experiences that can obstruct, scatter, and mask what we really need to know.” Below, a game plan for getting to the heart of it all.

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Getting Smart About Love


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