Getting your world together

I’ve just completed a move; my second in as many weeks and the combination of deep stress and unexpected moments of affirmation have taught me a lot. Not just about myself, but the world.

For example, it’s amazing and ironic how much sitting still is involved in a great move. You’re waiting for this or that to be delivered, or for help to arrive. You end up staring at your boxed furniture and personal items and of course your past suddenly feels very heavy. And more complicated! You feel uprooted, lost in a maze of thoughts. To keep a stable base amid my whirlwind packing, hectic phone calls and dizzy rounds of shopping for curtains and light bulbs, I would catch my breath by watching the news. My logic was that news items are bite sized. You can concentrate for one minute, then entirely turn your attention elsewhere.

What caught my attention repeatedly were the protests on Wall Street, which were growing and becoming more dramatic by the day. Here was an example “big movement” of a very different kind than the one I’ve been engaged in and yet; I felt the purposes were parallel. Here I am taking a risky, passionate action to change my life, watching others face danger in a just as heartfelt effort to change their world.

The “coming together” is an essential ingredient of success. Moving into this new place, I needed my friends more than ever and they all came through for me. New neighbors came through for me too. Several helped me earlier today, moving a pair of heavy refrigerators in a swap that simply could not have been organized without a wealth of good will.

But the wealth of good will is there. This is why the events on Wall Street give me such hope. For some time now the public debate, whether you are a Democrat or a Republican, has been about whether or not we have the right leaders for these challenging times. What the protestors on Wall Street and my helpful friends are demonstrating with equal power is that we are the leaders. True movement is going to come from you, and I. Our elected leaders are waiting for our guidance – for us to get it together and make the first move.