GLAM: Suzannah Galland Shares How Couples Should Split the Holidays Between Families

It’s that time of the year, full of snow, Christmas carols, and holiday shopping. That also means it’s time to decide whose family you will be spending the holidays with- Yours, or your partner’s. How do you tackle making this milestone decision? helps answer this question in their latest article, featuring relationship expert Suzannah Galland.

The article discusses how to make that decision, and what solutions may be available to couples in this situation. brings in another relationship expert to address this step in the process. “But once you and your partner have made your decision about how to divvy things up,” says the, “What about breaking the news to your family without hurting their feelings or causing a fight? Suzannah Galland, a life advisor and relationship expert, recommends prepping exactly how you want to the conversation to go before it takes place, taking into consideration what your family’s questions and concerns might be and how you can quell them.

‘Imagine your ideal outcome, and think the opposite,’ Galland says. ‘Write out the hardest questions you or your family may ask, even if they’re never said. For example, your mom may ask you, “If you’re not coming home for the holidays, do you even care about this family?”‘

‘By coming up with answers to these worst-case-scenarios, you’re building confidence– and learning where you shouldn’t tread,’ Galland explains. She also suggests role-playing the conversation with your significant other and giving honest feedback to each other about where your responses may be falling short. It’s important to go into the conversation with your family with a cool head and to allow them to vent if need be.

But, Galland says, ‘Holidays are not about pleasing everyone, they’re about our intentions. And with patience, compassion, and sensitivity, we can make our loved ones feel cherished throughout the holidays.'”

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