How To Create A Better Memory Of Christmas

If you think of yourself as a well adapted, functioning adult who’s taken the time to self-develop,  think again. It’s Christmas and holiday time usually means a trip down memory lane.

Every one of us, who has experienced Christmas will often find themselves emotionally regressing back to 10 years old again. This can be a really sweet experience of festive songs, hugs and camaraderie or just plain family stressors.

If you find yourself with the latter, let it go. Try to create new memories of laughter and yummy food. The aroma of the family home can be a powerful trigger for memories and candles scents of gingerbread cookies and mandarin orange will keep the best of rooms smiling.

Creating a moment that’s exclusively yours and about you, is a special gift you can give yourself.

It’s time to spoil YOU. Make that your precious Christmas gift. Have fun!


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