How to Stop Feeling Overweight

Recently I grabbed a minute and asked myself, “Why do I crave carbs when I’ve been sitting for hours?”

An answer came to me: “Because your body feels stuck – it’s like a car without fuel. Your internal alarm is on empty and thinks you’re being directed to get fuel.”

If you hear those alarm bells go off inside, it means you’ve been sitting too long – so long that your body feels, “Something’s wrong! I need fuel!” … Our bodies have alarm systems that we tend to misinterpret. All you need is to do is to get your body moving.

Grab a minute for yourself. Ask, “Where do I feel weighted in my body?”
Is it your stomach – your legs – your breathing? Where?
Locate this, and you will immediately be more present in your body.
Now, get up and move: walk and do anything that helps you shut off your alarm. Your body will love you all the more for it.


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