Mates For The Soul

Miranda Kerr has a fantastic blog Spread The Light that I have been invited to be a monthly blogger for. Mates For The Soul is a fun way to let everyone you love know how special they are.

We’ve all heard about soul mates—the ultimate, mind-blowing, undeniably meant-to-be relationship, the one and only partnership we were destined for. If you’ve found your soul mate, consider yourself blessed. If the effort you’ve been putting into finding the “perfect” mate, the one who will nourish your soul on the deepest level, is exhausting and futile, why not give the term soul mate a rest then and instead seek what the world is so abundantly ready to offer us: mates for the soul?  They are all around us. We don’t have to go looking for them.

When we look for the soul in a mate we must first explore what the word means to us. This can be perplexing. We can’t see the soul. We can’t separate it from our essential being. How do we define it?

I believe the soul is defined in action, just as love is. We make our soul felt by trusting that it’s there – not just within ourselves but in the person we are seeking to love. Each of us has this enormous part in each of our beings that is sometimes unknown to us, and we assume it’s invisible to others.

We experience an enormous expansion when we recognize the soul in someone else. We know it ‘s a moment of recognition because our hearts are open. We are suddenly sensing more and speaking less. These moments are always silent. If we can look at this other person and grasp that there is an extraordinarily deep place in each of us, then we can trust, give reverence, and touch that deepest part of them and ourselves. This gives us a glimpse of the truest meaning of love.  Likewise, if we can trust the unknown in ourselves, then in that conscious, momentary embrace, we move farther away from the pain of being hurt.

We so often get in our own way when we focus on finding a single soul mate, rather than on the many mates for the soul that are out there. There are 7 billion souls on this planet. Certainly we would benefit by connecting on a soul level with at least a handful of them.

We thoroughly nourish our soul when we are grateful for the infinite possibilities before us. So here I offer you a partial list of mates for the soul. This is by no means the only list, but a great deal of conversations, reflections, and life experience went into the compilation of these types below. Think them over, and let the people you love know how special they are. Have fun!

The LOVE Mate

This is that one in a million soul whom we love to mythologize as our soul mate, our one-and-only. We are not here to be gratified by a single great love, as urgently as we might desire one. We are here to reveal our souls to one another as freely and deeply and as often as we truthfully can. Even more important, we are here to serve and receive the efforts of others to reveal their souls to us.  The truth is that there are many in this world with which we can make a deep and true love mate connection.

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Photograph By Briony Newman called ‘Make Believe’.
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