Is My Partner Lying to me?

Women typically know when something’s going on and especially in the areas of love and lying. We’re intuitive beings.

What’s the first step?

If you find yourself with a gut feeling that your partner is deceiving you, then he probably is. Take a precious minute to yourself and refrain from nailing your partner to the wall. A moment will allow you time to seek more information. And remembering that first moment of doubt is vital.

What you need is data to help you sort out what’s real or imaginary. Or you may find yourself blurting out utter nonsense. And all of us, tend to ramble when we’re upset emotionally.

Find the facts first, at least you will have some quality down time to assess a situation and know how to make the right move. Lying to ourselves will leave an imprint heavily upon our hearts. With integrity, you will always do the right thing.

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