• Suzannah Galland

HOUSE BEAUTIFUL : Relax & Recharge - Cuddle Up.

Updated: Feb 4, 2019

Creating a Restful Retreat.

The bedroom is a mirror of your state of mind,” says noted relationship expert Suzannah Galland. What story does yours tell? Is it open, with plenty of room for a partner? Are the sheets worn out and tired? “The bedroom is a very powerful spot,” she says. For a fresh start, toss anything with lessthan-positive associations. Then, add opportunities to foster connection, like a pair of chairs in a conversation nook or a daybed for lounging. And clear out fussy items—too many pillows can keep your partner from feeling comfortable or spontaneous. Downsizing from a king to a queen mattress may also help: “It encourages physical connection through touch and body language.

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