• Suzannah Galland


Ever take a moment to listen to the opinions, judgments, and wisecracks silently swirling around in your mind when you meet or see someone? No one can hear these thoughts, so we feel free to think whatever we want, regardless how harsh or lustful. But beware. Lack of sound doesn’t prevent our silent communication from having an impact. When we think in the direction of another, we transfer our thoughts and emotions to him or her. Our thoughts, like our energy, are packed with electrical charges and actually travel from person to person. This silent communication can be quite powerful.

When people receive loving thoughts from us, they find themselves smiling and feeling good inside, and we experience the same flow of love in return. It’s a win-win. On the other hand, when we project thoughts from a negative place, we’re hacking into someone’s energy. The recipient of our goo will feel as if something is off and, likewise, we’ll get caught up in a boomerang of negative goo. Here we have a lose-lose.

Projecting a kind thought to people we meet is a great way to start improving our silent communication. Try doing it throughout the day, almost as a form of prayer. The very act of transferring our thoughts is our first step to giving acts of kindness. If we take a moment to realise that we can affect ourselves and others deeply by how we think, we’re inspired to dump the trash thoughts and replace them with something more beautiful and pure.

Try this: When you meet someone and feel desire, mentally give it back. In your mind’s eye, offer that feeling as a well wish for them. They may notice; they may not. If they don’t respond, take that as a valuable sign. If they do, so much the better! But make love the median climate in your heart, and you will generate it all around you.

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