Preparation may help you get a job

If you want to get a job, the key is preparation. This may surprise you, but it maybe one essential that needs your attention.

How can you prepare? You may want to try rehearsing cold calling. Try calling someone you know slightly, that could recommend you for a job or that may have a job hire. While talking with them, take note of how you’re communicating with them. You may notice that your attitude is fraught, or maybe you are pleasant, but still not making traction. Try exploring, even take out an application if only so you have the first-hand experience of walking into such an environment. If it so happens that they like what they see enough to invite you in for an interview, go, do it and give it all you’ve got if only for rehearsal. And if they say, “You’re hired,” you’ve won! At the very least you have a choice. Yes or no, you’re that much closer to your goal.




Photograph from North County Dance Arts


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