Shedding for wedding: do celebrities encourage bride-orexia?

After accepting Prince William’s proposal last November, Kate Middleton became the poster child for the disappearing bride.
By Hollie McKay, Pop Tarts, Fox Entertainment News

Here’s an excerpt on my comments on Shedding for Weddings

“The fanatic need to be slim on your sacred day is just human nature,” argued celebrity life strategist, Suzannah Galland. “I don’t care how self-confident you are, it is every woman’s nightmare that she won’t fit into her dress. These behaviors are not expressions of an eating disorder but choices to which we are for this one time in our lives fully entitled…Every eye is upon you. Everyone has shown up for you, and this is your day to shine. It is a moment that will literally be locked in time.”
However, if that “bride-orexia” behavior continues beyond the cutting of the cake, then perhaps it is time to turn to the pros.

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Shedding for Wedding

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Celebs to Blame for Bride-orexia?