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THE HUFFINGTON POST: Don’t Let Trump Say “You’re Fired” – Say “I Quit!”

Donald Trump is playing a game by spreading fake stories. And you are letting him win by playing into what you already believe or what you want to hear. People are in a lot of pain right now: Either fearing for their futures, or facing serious physical or verbal threats. Our political talking heads are […]


THE HUFFINGTON POST: Divided Nation, Divided Family: Overcoming Political Differences

I hate that my mother voted for Donald Trump. But I love my mom. As we look at the fierce division between Trump’s supporters and everyone else, the fear of the unknown is paralyzing. There’s a reason the hair on the back of our neck sticks up when we find ourselves in a dangerous situation. […]


THE HUFFINGTON POST: First Dates and Trump Tapes: Fighting the New Norm of Foreplay

Women Who Want Respect Do Not Want Trump Whatever political side one chooses, it is plain to see that fear is a strong element in the psychology of both sides.  Those of us who use social media are seeing something that looks worryingly like civil war. But with his outwardly decaying dialogue on women’s issues, it is clear that Trump […]