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THE HUFFINGTON POST: Get Out Of Your Head And Trust Your Gut

Your body is talking – are you listening? The whole of our body, including your brain, is intuitive. As children, we learn to recognize this fact and use it. Children do not need to analyze their bodies, because they do not have the capacity to comprehend or interpret it- they just naturally accept it. Our […]


Can’t Get A Date? You May Have Been Benched

You haven’t been dropped, you aren’t in the keeper league, and you’re still in the live draft… but you aren’t playing the game. You’re on the bench. Being benched is similar to being kept ‘on the hook’. If a guy keeps acting like he wants to date you, but never acts on it, he’s keeping […]


Internal GPS

What is listening to my gut really about? Why can’t I feel it? How many times have we said to ourselves; I knew I was right? If only I had just listened to myself. We are more than our names and the roles we play in our jobs. We are intuitive, sensual beings. If you […]