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THE HUFFINGTON POST: Don’t Let Trump Say “You’re Fired” – Say “I Quit!”

Donald Trump is playing a game by spreading fake stories. And you are letting him win by playing into what you already believe or what you want to hear. People are in a lot of pain right now: Either fearing for their futures, or facing serious physical or verbal threats. Our political talking heads are […]


THE HUFFINGTON POST: Chase Your Dream, Not Your Dragon

I’d like to say I had an ordinary week of meetings with clients, a hot date, and regular news purge. But as things go, I had the unusual task of working with a new client whose dream is to run for Congress. Jenn is a humble patriot looking to make a difference. She’s a grassroots […]


THE HUFFINGTON POST: Divided Nation, Divided Family: Overcoming Political Differences

I hate that my mother voted for Donald Trump. But I love my mom. As we look at the fierce division between Trump’s supporters and everyone else, the fear of the unknown is paralyzing. There’s a reason the hair on the back of our neck sticks up when we find ourselves in a dangerous situation. […]