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GLAM: Suzannah Galland Shares How Couples Should Split the Holidays Between Families

It’s that time of the year, full of snow, Christmas carols, and holiday shopping. That also means it’s time to decide whose family you will be spending the holidays with- Yours, or your partner’s. How do you tackle making this milestone decision? Glam.com helps answer this question in their latest article, featuring relationship expert Suzannah […]


THRIVEGLOBAL: Getting Inside Your Desire

Picture a beautiful handbag. It belongs to you. The stoic but soft fabric, the shine, the gold-rimming, the chic timelessness it exudes. It is gorgeous, and it is something to stroll with proudly. But it is only the outer layer. The inside is what holds the real worth. The photographs of your children, the notebook […]


GOOP: Break Up with Your Bra

This piece was originally published on Goop.com, a publication by Gwyneth Paltrow. Read it here!   When you’re attracted to someone, and they are mind-blown by your body in lingerie, it’s an epic feeling. A surge of adrenaline and hormones make us giddy and invincible in that moment of power and pleasure. So when we […]