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THE HUFFINGTON POST: Chase Your Dream, Not Your Dragon

I’d like to say I had an ordinary week of meetings with clients, a hot date, and regular news purge. But as things go, I had the unusual task of working with a new client whose dream is to run for Congress. Jenn is a humble patriot looking to make a difference. She’s a grassroots […]


THE HUFFINGTON POST: You Are Entirely Up To You

These times are quite fraught with desperation for all of us. We look outside ourselves for leadership; we look outside for community. When the truth is we are seeking something that is already within us. It’s in that precious moment that we actually have a clear understanding. Our uniqueness of being is where we truly […]


THE HUFFINGTON POST: How to Embrace Your Own Talent

You’re bright. You want to contribute to the world. You know you’re talented. Deep down you believe that someone should hook you up with ‘that’ job. You know, the one where your skills shine? And whether you’re working part-time or fully locked into a humdrum job, your talent sits idle on sidelines. “I’m not going […]