There are answers to life’s biggest questions, it just takes a deeper understanding of your soul’s quest.  I work with you and dig deep to magnify the nuggets of your truth so you can own and be the architect of your story. 


We all have the bruises and scars to remind us of the pain of love lost.  We cannot ignore them. Yet, all too often, we make a huge mistake about the risk and end up missing out on the rewards of love.  I decided to make this an essential part of my work to help people who are in pain, abused or deeply wounded from love battles, recover, find their truth, and find the authentic side of themselves.  


The fresh spin I've discovered is that we must rely on our intuitive hearts for the truth, first and last. Instead of seeing ourselves as others see us, we must go inside to feel who we are. I focus on helping clients get back their essence and understand who they are at a soul level. I help them face their past choices, repair some of the pain caused from unrequited love and gain the courage to open up to love in an entirely new way.

There is no greater time than right now to seek love, but we must find love for our soul to be fully open to the vulnerability of receiving love.  It is an invitation to tightly hold the dream of love to our hearts and navigate a new step-by-step way.

Intuitive Insight

The concept of letting go of the past isn't new—we're often told to stay in the present, forget about the past and to let tomorrow take care of itself, but oftentimes other people’s agendas and clouded circumstances keep us frozen in time and incapable of recreating our story. 


Using my intuitive capabilities to solve problems is second nature for me and I use these insightful capabilities to help clients “move the present forward”.  By remotely tapping into the character of a specific person, I can quickly discern what's happening beneath the surface of any given situation, then gently,  and with compassion, guide my clients to take actions that serve them and everyone involved. I help people uncover the forces at work against them and in their favor so they can see their career and relationships in a new light and stay ahead of the curve.


With a new sense of self and a keen awareness of opportunities and threats, I can coax clients from the past and into the future with a whole new sense of identity and purpose, ready and empowered to take charge of their lives, fulfill their soul’s purpose and be at the helm of their new story.



At the crossroads of your life’s purpose and your passions lies the amazing potential for your life’s work. So many people idle in the monotony of their jobs because they don’t have the vision or the tools to put their soul’s task to work in a career that will energize their existence. 


Sometimes our curiosities are so muted by fear of the unknown, we miss our chance to take the path to prosperity. Through  breakthrough intuition,I can help you turn up the volume on your true calling so you can hear and see what wants to emerge.  Remember: goals are expressions and realizations of what matters to you most. I can help you define practical, agile goals to realize and express your meaning and values in the world and how those desires can manifest into a life-changing career. 


Unsure of your life's purpose?

How to contribute in a meaningful,

life-changing way?

Helping you stay confident in a world in chaos

How to find happiness again


Is there any point in me dating?

Will I ever find love?

Is my relationship working and what to do if it isn't?


How do I channel my soul's gifts into a career?

How do I seize career opportunities in these troubled times?

Am I going to be fired or how do I keep my job?


On The Go

Appointment booking is made easy with 30 or 50 minute sessions available. Be true to yourself and select the option best for your life. With impactful quick hits I will provide strategic moves to help you stay ahead. 

Meetings are available via Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, WhatsApp or over the phone.