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In our accelerated world, we need result driven advice. I’ve developed an easy system to help bring my intuitive gifts to you. Through our 30 or 50 minute remote sessions I can help answer any questions you have regarding love, life, or career.


The first step is setting the intention of your session. We can discuss anything you want, but a focused reading will provide you with a clearer direction. I have provided actionable advice for clients for years in all aspects of their life. Below are examples of topics we can cover in our meetings.

Family issues

Buying a home

Review images of potential surrogates

Should we grow our family?

Advice on address change

Is he the one?

Review dating profile photo

Are we compatible?

Read name chart 

What are they adding to my life?

Should I stay?

Am I in the right job?

How to take the next step

Dealing with coworkers

Boss problems

How to move forward in career?

Dealing with clients

Is this the right deal?


Appointment booking is made easy with 30 or 50 minute sessions available. Be true to yourself and select the option best for your life. Whether calling over a lunch break or in the car on the way to an interview, select the best medium for our conversation. With impactful quick hits I will provide strategic moves to help you stay ahead. 


Now it’s time to be true to yourself and create a better life. Trust your instinct and make the call today. I am here to support your personal adventure to love every facet of your being. To give love and to receive love, to love who you are, to love the journey of your life, to manifest what you want, and to hone your intuition to make the best possible choices. I will hold the light and I will give you the tools to lead the way. Connect with me!