Think twice before you gossip

Why do we need to know what other people are saying or doing? One thing is for sure; listing to gossip about other people’s lives offers a great escape from our own. Gossiping is talking negatively about another person.

Think twice before you do it.

You may not be aware that your thoughts and words are subconsciously programming your mind to direct and reflect the same situations back at you. In other words, if you find yourself saying “ that so and so’s career is over” or “he’s going to leave her soon because of…!” That judgement alone will reflect back at you a similar event or circumstance in some form or another.

If you’re listening to a friend who starts gossiping, let them know, “I wont judge that person as they may be doing the best they know how”.

Gossip is damaging, for sure to you, and to other people as well. Think twice and take the high road.


Photography by Briony Newman
Copyright (c) Briony Newman



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