What do Hollywood hotties see in John Mayer?

What do Hollywood hotties from Taylor Swift to Jen Aniston to Katy Perry see in  John Mayer?

From:  Fox Entertainment News

L.A-based life and career strategist, Suzannah Galland posits that “women of  fame, often find themselves isolated from the values they’ve grown up with.  Mayer will have no problem attracting women who are so far off their ground,  that touching ground for them is like touching gold.”

Wendy Walsh, author of the forthcoming book “The 30-Day Love Detox,” told  FOX411’s Pop Tarts column that Mayer “fits the bad-boy persona that turns so  many women on. When a man has a history of many short-term relationships, and  then focuses his attention on a new woman, she might believe the fallacy that  she will be the one to change him, to turn him into a long term committed  boyfriend.”

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