Woman who allegedly slept with Ashton Kutcher shopping story

Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore have parted ways amid allegations that Kutcher spent their sixth wedding anniversary partying in San Diego and sleeping with a 23-year-old blonde named Sara Leal, according to multiple reports. Woman Who Allegedly Slept With Ashton Kutcher Shopping Story as … By Hollie McKay, Pop Tarts, Fox Entertainment News Here’s an excerpt on my comments on Woman WHo Allegedly Slept With Ashton Kutcher Shopping Story “Weight loss, for both men and women, isn’t surprising when a marriage come under extreme stress. What is particularly sad about Demi and Ashton is that their admirers know that their passion for each other has been genuine. They've been together over 12 years out of a love that's real," said Los Angeles-based celebrity life strategist, Suzannah Galland. "You can't fake that. The age difference between them was going to be challenge, in any event." Read more: Click Here for Story Click Here for Video